Alkaloid Drug Crossword Clue

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NICOTINEPoisonous alkaloid (8)
STRYCHNINEPoisonous alkaloid (10)
NITROGENAlkaloid constituent, by definition
CONINPoisonous alkaloid
TROPINEPoisonous alkaloid
THEINEAn alkaloid found in tea
ATROPINEPoisonous alkaloid obtained from nightshade
EMETINEA white crystalline alkaloid
QUININEBitter alkaloid (7)
HEMLOCKPoison ___, Eurasian plant that contains the alkaloid coniine (7)
CURAREAlkaloid causing paralysis, arrows dipped in this (or the frog poison) were used for hunting in the
RICINAlkaloid poison derived from castor beans – it was used to assassinate the Bulgarian dissident Georg
EPHEDRAA shrub of America and Eurasia; the source of an alkaloid used for medicinal purposes (7)
CAFFEINEWhite bitter alkaloid responsible for the stimulant action of coffee (8)
HARMINInjury because of alkaloid from seeds
CODEINEWhite crystalline alkaloid derived from morphine, used as a pain killer and cough suppressant (7)
IBOGAINEPsychoactive alkaloid used as an experimental treatment for drug and alcohol addiction (8)
COCAINEWhich bitter alkaloid was formerly used as a local anaesthetic (7)
EPHEDRINESynthetic alkaloid used in treating hay fever and asthma (9)
OPIATEAlkaloid drug that dulls mental or physical sensation (6)
Alkaloid Drug Crossword Clue

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