Anxieties Crossword Clue

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HAGRIDDENHaunted by anxieties
CAREWORNWearied by anxieties (8)
NEUROSESOur sense is badly affected by anxieties (8)
RELIVEBe haunted by, perhaps
PITLow place haunted by orchestral musicians?
RESORTSPlaces haunted by engineer types? (7)
ELMStreet haunted by Freddy Krueger in movies
SPIRITHaunted by the strong drink consumed? (6)
NERVINESSSins never get affected by anxiety (9)
STRAPLESSConsumed by anxiety, pal unfortunately lacking support
STRESS FRACTUREMechanical injury caused by anxiety (6,8)
AMONGSTSurrounded by anxiety, Maureen comes in (7)
TENSIONOne isn’t affected by anxiety (7)
STRESSEmphasise what’s caused by anxiety (6)
WINDSORName of the world’s oldest, largest inhabited castle, said to be haunted by the sculptor who created
COSMO TOPPERSitcom character haunted by the Kerbys and Neil
BELOVED1987 Toni Morrison novel about an escaped slave haunted by her daughter’s ghost
OLD SINS CAST LONG SHADOWSWe’re haunted by ancient crime shows: and sold nostalgic broadcast serial initially
GRAVEOne may be haunted by this accent from beyond this (5)
BILLYHe was haunted by disturbing dreams of Delia.
Anxieties Crossword Clue

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