Bar In The Shower Crossword Clue


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Bar In The Shower Crossword Clue in 3 Words: LUX

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LUXBar in the shower
SOAPBar in the shower
TAKINGStealing a fair amount of the equipment from the bar in The Palace (6)
ARABIAI am meeting up with two of my mates in a bar in the middle of Par to arrange our trip to a place in south-west Asia (6)’
ESTOPBar in the bar
BACKGAMMONGame with a bar in the middle of the board
CARIBBEANDitching half of career, I live in bar in the West Indies (9)
NOVELTYThe new free love bar in the Big Apple? (7)
INNKEEPERDid he make sure you didn’t leave the bar in the old days? (9)
LEMONFlavour of sorbet sold at the juice bar in the Bay, maybe? (5)
SNUGSung wildly in former bar in the Rovers Return (4)’
ATTORNEY GENERALHead barman is working at the American bar in the officers’ mess (8,7)
REEFQueen slips out of jacket in bar, in the main (4)
BRICKLAYEROne of the masons has been around the block in The House (10)
OLEOBar in the fridge
SHOALBar in the water
ALTAR RAILBar in the front of a church
MOESBar in The Simpsons
SNOOZEPopular bar in the morning?
SNICKERSBest-selling chocolate bar in the world