Biting As Humor Crossword Clue


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Biting As Humor Crossword Clue in 7 Words: MORDANT

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CAUSTICBiting, as humor
MORDANTBiting, as humor
KEENBiting, as wit
ACERBICBiting, as wit
ACERBBiting, as wit
ACIDBiting, as wit
NIPPIERMore biting, as winter air
SARCASTICBiting, as in South polar region
BRISKBiting, as wind
TWO EDGED SWORD“Her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a ___” (Prov. 5:4)
ACRIDStrong and pungent, as an odor
ASTRINGENTBitter as wine that’s carried round
GAMIERMore pungent, as meat
NASTYRaw and bitter, as weather
NIP ATBite, as someone’s ankles
NIPBite, as in the air
ASPSThey may bite as an afterthought (4)
SWEETENSMakes it less bitter, as tenses up around you and I (8)
ACRIMONIOUSBitter as a crook over evidence of unpaid debts
AFTERA fellow having a half of bitter as a chaser