Dazz Cam Android Free Download 2021


Your pocket photographer, the Dazz camera.

There’s no need for post-production; the most lifelike film photography or video is immediately available with only one click.

Yeah, we’re aware of Dazz Cam. There are many applications similar to ours… But we’re not like everyone else. promise. We realised that everyone missed disposable cameras, so we recreated the experience on your phone, but with a twist: the appearance and feel of the film, but with a contemporary twist.

The Dazz camera is modelled like an old-school film camera from the 1980s. Based on the film proofs, we completely restored the film’s colour, texture, and noise. There will be some fascinating light leaking effects as well.

The Dazz camera will release new cameras on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

Features of Dazz Cam Android

  • Take two photos to superimpose the double exposure effect.
  • Timed self-timer function.
  • With a flash in the dark, you can take a more film texture.
  • camera assistant grid.
  • Fisheye lens.
  • Flash Colors.
  • Exposure adjustment.
  • Photo with square frame, convenient to share to Instagram
  • Dazz Cam Retro Camera is a professional photo editing programme that allows you to make your pictures appear as though they were shot with an antique camera, complete with vintage effects and retro photo effects.
  • When you use this 90s vintage camera-retro picture filter, your likes will skyrocket.
  • Simulate the effects of classic film cameras such as # Kodak, # Fuji, # Agfa, # Ilford…
  • Today’s creative materials include the Dazz Cam app with the retro style, which allows you to quickly and simply add vintage effects and old retro styles.
  • Vintage photo editing apps are another powerful testament to appreciating these age-old style retro effects.
  • They have many filters, each of which includes a reflection of the past in some manner.
  • And you know you’re in for a treat when vintage filters collide with the contemporary era of clarity.
  • Photos with a vintage filter look great. Retro photographs are fashionable.
  • Allow this Dazz Cam app’s vintage photo effects to work their magic on your beautiful pictures.
  • With the Retro picture filter software, you can add a retro touch to your photo to make it more appealing.
  • It’s straightforward, has excellent vintage filters, and can make even the most boring subject seem beautiful and well-composed.
  • With romanticism, classic elegance, and a retro film filter, Dazz Cam transports you to the photographic era of the 1990s.

What else is better than old-looking photos or videos?

  1. Easily feel the charm of retro films by experiencing the amazing presets in Dazz Cam
  2. Over 50 retro filters, bring your photo back to old times
  3. Mirror effects with vintage effects and you can add a filter to the video camera. Many free retro camera effects
  4. Amazing live video filters
  5. Lots of photo filters
  6. Video trimming
  7. Video speed adjuster
  8. Apply your favorite photo filters & create retro photos


  • Given that this is the finest selfie retro camera with vintage picture effects, you will undoubtedly fall in love with all of the camera retro filters.
  • Our vintage selfie camera is fantastic. Enjoy the ease with which you can utilise this app, since selfie time has never been more fun.
  • Before you snap a picture, Dazz Cam can simply configure the vintage filters and give you a sample of what your shot will look like.
  • Many vintage cameras have beautiful tools.
  • Enhance the characteristics of your face.
  • Apply those camera retro filters to photos you’ve previously shot to give them a vintage look.

Let your creative side shine through in your photos & share it

  • Find your favourite retro camera filters, choose some of your beautiful pictures from gallery or take a new selfie now & have fun editing them
  • Once you’ve got adorable vintage photos, share them on network social and count the likes
  • Retro filter photos are very cool. Vintage pictures are very chic

Ideal for photographers wishing to use the phone as a professional, practical and efficient camera

  • Using a retro filter to give your photos a retro look with cool vintage effects
  • Dazz Cam is a free retro camera software that allows you to apply effects and retro filters to old photos.
  • This Dazz Cam app is a fantastic vintage picture editor and one of the most recent retro camera applications for Android, bringing together amazing vintage photo filters and retro camera effects.