Greek God Of Love Crossword Clue

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EROSGreek god of Love
APOLLOGreek god of love to go on a survey
SOREThat insatiable Greek god of love would come back uncomfortably tender! (4)
THRAXA son of Ares, the Greek god of war, named after the ancient kingdom of Thrace (5)
MORPHEUSGreek god of dreams, son of personification of sleep Hypnos (8)
EREBUSMythological Greek god of darkness, son of Chaos, brother of Nyx (6)
HYPNOSGreek god of sleep, son of Nyx (6)
ARES(Greek mythology) Greek god of war.
ASCLEPIUSOften depicted with a serpent-entwined staff, the Greek god of healing and medicine, son of Apollo (
AESCULAPIUSThe Roman name for the Greek god of medicine and healing, a son of Apollo
HEPHAESTUSWith the Roman equivalent Vulcan, Greek god of fire, craftsmen and blacksmiths, son of Zeus and Hera (10)
DEIMOSMars moon sharing the name of the ancient Greek god of terror
IMHOTEPChief minister of the Egyptian pharaoh Djoser (2630-2611 BC), posthumously identified with Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine (7)
DIONYSIADramatic and orgiastic festivals in honour of the Greek god of wine (8)
PHOBOSMoon of Mars named alter the Ancient Greek god of horror (6)
SOMNUSRoman equivalent of Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep (6)
PANGreek god of forest
AETHERGreek god of the upper air
CYANIDESGreek god of poisonous things?
BACCHUSGreek god of wine

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