Hangs In The Air Crossword Clue

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HOVERHang in the air (5)
FLOATFlutter aloft and hang in the air (5)
REMAINHang in the air, regarding the open ocean (6)
WE IREHang in the balance?
PAUSE FOR EFFECTBrief hesitation to let words hang in the air
AIREDHung in the sun
SUSPENDEDHung in the air (9)
HOVEREDHung in the air, being undecided (7)
KNOCKHang on the door (5)
UVULASmall fleshy flap of tissue that hangs in the back of the throat and is an extension of the soft pal
ELLISRuth, last woman to be hanged in the UK (5)
PUT UPHang on the wall
LOLLSHangs in the hammock
LURKShangs in the background
RESTSHangs in the hammock
PENDSHangs in the balance
HOVERSHangs in the air without moving (6)
LOLLHang in the hammock
DRYHang in the breeze
HANG IN SUSPENSEHang in the balance

Each clue consists of a word or phrase that is unique to a given square in the crossword, with the rest of the word unknown. Solvers might typically identify words from an outer square then guess from context or specific rules given from elsewhere within the crossword, then directly guess from the letters present, or use various outside resources that further provide clues.