How to Hear Who’s Calling your Android Device

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Despite the fact that smartphones can now do a lot of things, their primary function is still to make and receive phone calls. Smartphones have the advantage of allowing you to see who is calling you before you respond, but what if you don’t want to look at the screen at all?

Google has added a new feature to its phone app called ‘Caller ID Announcement.’ Google’s official Phone app, which comes pre-installed on Pixel devices, has the functionality.

You can download the Google Phone standalone app from the Google Play Store if you don’t have a Pixel smartphone. Every Android smartphone is completely compatible with Google’s official Phone app.

What is the Caller ID Announcement Feature?

Google’s official phone app has a new feature called Caller ID Announcement that was first spotted on Pixel smartphones. When you activate Caller ID Announcement on your Android phone, the caller’s name will be spoken aloud.

To use the functionality, go to the Google Play Store and download the Google Phone app. To use this function, you must first make Phone by Google your default phone app on an Android device.

How to Hear Who’s Calling on Your Android

In addition, the functionality is gradually being rolled out to all countries. So, if you can’t locate the function on the phone’s Google app, you’ll have to wait a few weeks longer. Here’s how to make the functionality work.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Phone by Google application.

Step 2: Now you must make the phone app your Android’s default calling app.

Step 3: When you’re finished, touch the three dots as indicated in the image.

Step 4: Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Scroll down to the ‘Caller ID announcement’ option on the Settings screen.

Step 6. You have three choices under Announce Caler ID: Always, Only while using a headset, and Never. The Announce Caller ID option must be set to Always.

That concludes our discussion. You’ve completed your task. You may use this method to hear who is phoning your Android phone.