High On The Scoville Scale Crossword Clue


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High On The Scoville Scale Crossword Clue in 3 Words: S G T

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S G THigh on the Scoville scale
SPICYHigh on the Scoville scale
HOTHigh on the Scoville scale
HABANEROSThey’re high on the Scoville scale
SPICIESTHighest on the Scoville scale
SERRANOIt’s higher on the Scoville scale than a jalapeno
CHILLIFoodstuff rated on the Scoville scale
MILDLike bell peppers, on the Scoville scale
GHOST PEPPERIt’s rated 10+ on the Scoville Scale
HABANEROIt rates over 100,000 on the Scoville scale
SERRANOSPeppers that are hotter than jalapenos on the Scoville scale
HABANERO PEPPERSThey can rate up to 350,000 on the Scoville scale
HEATFlow of thermal energy; a level of spiciness as measured on the Scoville scale; or, an elimination round (4)’
PEPPER HOTNESSThe Scoville scale measures it
HOTTESTTopping the Scoville scale
CHILIThe Scoville scale rates its pungency
HOT PEPPER___ Challenge (meme where participants video themselves eating this food, which is measured by the Scoville scale)
HOTNESSwhat Scoville scale measures
SAN MARINOSet high on the western slopes of Mount Titano, capital city of the country of the same name that is surrounded by Italy (3,6)
HARDHigh on the Mohs’ scale