Hindu Incarnation Crossword Clue

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Hindu Incarnation Crossword Clue in 4 Words: RAMA

Hindu Incarnation Crossword Clue in 6 Words: AVATAR

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RAMAHindu incarnation
AVATARHindu incarnation
JUGGERNAUTHindu incarnation – large lorry (10)
RAMADANHindu incarnation seen by Jewish tribe – Muslims observe this
AVATARSHindu incarnations
KRISHNAIncarnation of Hindu god Vishnu (7)
KARMAHindu principle determining fate in re-incarnation (5)
RAMACHANDRASeventh incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu
ADVENTSIncarnation periods
IBISIncarnation of the Egyptian god Thoth
REBIRTHNew incarnation (7)
ASTARTEGreek fertility goddess, incarnation of Ishtar
PAST LIFEPrevious incarnation
EMBODIMENTIncarnation (10)
EWEHenson’s incarnation of Meryl Streep, e.g.
ANGELUSSeries of prayers in the Roman Catholic Church commemorating Incarnation (7)
THAT WASIn previous incarnation, what went wrong in Saturday’s return for satire on either side of … (4,3
THYSELFTime for your first incarnation when up for you once (7)
GOOFYWalt Disney character whose early incarnation was as Dippy Dawg in the 1932 cartoon Mickey’s Revue (

Each clue consists of a word or phrase that is unique to a given square in the crossword, with the rest of the word unknown. Solvers might typically identify words from an outer square then guess from context or specific rules given from elsewhere within the crossword, then directly guess from the letters present, or use various outside resources that further provide clues.

Crossword clue is a game that requires people to find words in a crossword puzzle. The objective of this game is to be the first person or team to solve all the clues in the puzzle. This can be hard because it can take hours for one person or team to find all the words with help from others. One tool that has been used by some players is an online word solver which helps you find possible solutions when you are stuck on a clue. If you are looking for more ways to improve your skills, there are also many games and puzzles available online that use word clues in different formats such as text, picture, video, sound clip etc.