How To Make Your Android Device Boot Faster in 2021


Android is a fantastic mobile operating system, and rooting it enhances it by allowing you to do things with your smartphone that you couldn’t before. Rooting your device voids the warranty but gives you administrator access to it.

We’ve spoken about a number of amazing rooted Android techniques so far, and now we’re going to show you a fantastic trick that will enable you to start your Android quicker. Some Android smartphones take several minutes to boot up, which may be inconvenient for users.

Steps To Make Your Android Boot Faster

So, we’ve put together a list of the top ways to make your Android boot quicker. So, have a look at the detailed instructions provided below.

1. Clean Your Homescreen

If your Android device’s home screen is cluttered with unnecessary items such as app icons you don’t use, pointless widgets that make no sense, live wallpapers, and so on, your Android is certain to slow down.

As a result, keep your home screen as clear as possible.To make the home screen less crowded, you may restrict the number of widgets you have.

2. Disable Unused apps

Only a few applications are designed to launch upon startup. That is the primary reason why your gadgets take so long to boot up. These applications check for updates in the background. Those applications must be located and uninstalled.

You may find the list of applications by going to Settings > Apps and scrolling down. If you come across any apps that you no longer need, remove them.

Turn off the computer.3. The Auto Sync feature

One of the most helpful tools for pulling data from several accounts is Auto-Sync. The auto-sync functionality, on the other hand, has a significant effect on performance.

It may degrade the performance and battery life of your smartphone. As a result, make sure you turn off the auto-sync function in Settings.

3. Turn Off The Auto Sync

The launcher applications are one of the main advantages of utilizing an Android operating system. The Android launcher has the ability to completely change the appearance and feel of the Android operating system.

On the Google Play Store, there are a plethora of free Android Launcher applications to choose from. These launcher applications, on the other hand, have a substantial impact on battery life and starting time.

4. Avoid Android Launchers

Because it launches its key components, Android Launchers may cause the starting time to be delayed. So, if you want to enhance Android’s startup speed, stay away from launcher applications.

5. Clean the Internal Storage

Those days are long gone when Android games only required 300 MB to install on your phone. Games nowadays may use up to 2GB of internal storage. For example, to install the popular game BGMI Mobile on Android, you’ll need around 2.5GB of free space.

Cleaning up the system’s internal storage may have a significant impact on its performance. After you’ve cleared out the storage, you’ll notice a significant improvement in performance. As a result, you must also clear your internal storage to decrease starting time.

You may also depend on certain third-party applications to speed up your Android’s startup time. We’ve compiled a list of the top Android applications for reducing boot time.

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6. Fast Reboot

Closes/restarts all core and user processes (configurable) to simulate a reboot and free up memory.

After utilising Fast Reboot, your phone should be considerably faster. It also has a feature that allows you to conduct a “quick reset” every time you unlock your smartphone.

7. Assistant For Android

This software offers a lot of useful features that will help you manage your Android phones and tablets fast and effectively. The Assistant for Android is a strong and comprehensive management tool for improving the performance of Android phones.

It increases the speed of your phone’s operation while also conserving battery life. It also has a feature that allows you to manage your startup. With the assistance of this software, you can simply personalise your startup.

8. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner

This software is a must-have for anybody seeking to clear up junk, free up storage space, speed up sluggish performance, remove or transfer applications, manage saved data, prolong battery life, or safeguard privacy on their phone or tablet.

To prevent system applications from starting when the phone was turned on, you required a rooted Android smartphone. When the device is turned on, this function will reduce the time it takes for it to start up.

9. Simple Reboot

This little program provides shortcuts for rebooting, fast booting, rebooting to recovery, rebooting to the bootloader, and rebooting into safe mode. You’ll need root permissions, but other than that, you’re set to go. Furthermore, when the device is turned on, this software substantially reduces the startup time.

10. Greenify

It’s one of the most popular applications, and it’s best used with rooted Android phones. The programme assists users in identifying and hibernating problematic applications. With the Greenify app, you can see which apps are slowing down your startup and deactivate them.