How To Secretly Record Videos On Android in 2021

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We can see that Android is the most prevalent mobile operating system if we glance around. The great thing about Android is that there are applications for almost any use. The same may be said with hidden video recorders.

There are now a number of Android applications available on the Play Store that may be used to covertly record movies on Android. By remaining in the background, the applications may capture footage invisibly.

6 Methods to Secretly Record Videos On Android

As a result, we’ve chosen to offer some of the finest ways to covertly record videos on Android devices in this post.

So, let’s see how to covertly record videos on Android devices.

1. Using Secret Video Recorder

In the free version of the program, you may record an infinite number of background video recordings, and the video length is likewise limitless.

The Secret Video Recorder is a spy camera for professional video recording and the finest software for convert video recording available on the Android market.

1. First and foremost, you must download and install Secret Video Recorder, a fantastic Android app that allows you to secretly record movies.

2. After you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, open it and you’ll see the screen below.

3. The video recording must now be scheduled. Simply set the timer for the automated video recording to begin.

4. Now you must safeguard the app with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

That concludes our discussion. You’re finished; nothing will appear on the screen, and covert video recording will begin at a predetermined time.

2. Using Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is a camera software that allows you to record video in the background while also allowing you to control camera shutter noises and previews.

1. download and install Quick Video Recorder on your Android device.

2. Launch the program once it has been installed, and it will prompt you to accept the terms and conditions. To proceed, just press “Accept.”

3. Now you must enter the settings and configure the app to your liking.

4. Select Custom Notifications from the drop-down menu. You may customize the Notification Bar Title, Bar Content, Notification Preview, and other options here.

5. Return to the app’s main page and press the record button. Allowing the app to capture audio and video is required here.

That concludes our discussion. Your video will be filmed in the background once you’re finished. This software provides many customization options, including the ability to disable app notifications while recording.

There are a slew of additional applications on the Google Play Store that can capture videos in the background, including the two mentioned above. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top three applications in the same category.


It’s one of the most useful Android applications for recording movies in the background. What’s more, guess what? Even when the recorder is locked, it may record videos. Other iRecorder features include recording with a rear or front camera, support for different languages, and the ability to cut movies after they’ve been recorded.

4. Hidden Screen Recorder

Hidden Screen Recorder, as the name suggests, is another excellent Android background video recording software that you can get right now from the Google Play Store. The best part is that it can record movies in the background without requiring root permission. Aside from that, Hidden Screen Recorder allows users to start and stop video recording with a single touch.

5. Surveillance & Monitoring – TrackView

If you’re looking for an Android app that can convert your smartphone and PC into a linked IP camera with a GPS location, Surveillance & Monitoring-TrackerView is a good choice. What’s more, guess what? It provides a wealth of useful parental control and home security features. Family locator, IP camera, Event detection functions, Remote Video, and Audio recording are all included in the app. The silent video recording function of the remote video recording feature turns on the video recording in the background.

6. Background video recorder

By default, this one mutes the recording and shutter sounds. Aside from that, the app doesn’t even provide you a sneak peek at the recordings. While filming videos, users may also turn off notifications and screen messages.