Nerve Impulse Relayer Crossword Clue

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Nerve Impulse Relayer Crossword Clue in 4 Words: AXON

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AXONNerve impulse relayer
NEURONImpulse relayer
SYNAPSENerve impulse transmission site
RESPONSEExcitation of a nerve impulse (8)
MANCutoff ___ (baseball relayer)
TELSTAREarly TV signal relayer
COMSATSignal relayer for mascot
AXONSNeural impulse transmitters
SENSORYCells/hairs are set into stimulations producing nerve impulses in the auditory nerve (7)
RECEPTORA sensory nerve ending that changes specific stimuli into nerve impulses (8)
NEURONECell that conducts nerve impulses (7)
NEURONSCells that transmit nerve impulses (7)
LOEWIPharmacologist who shared a Nobel Prize with Henry Dale for discoveries relating to chemical transmission of nerve impulses (5)
OTTO LOEWIJoint Nobel prizewinner for discoveries relating to the chemical transmission of nerve impulses (4,5)
POTENTIATIONPhysiological effect in nerve impulses; in-patient, too (anag.)
ORGAN OF CORTIStructure in the cochlea of the inner ear whose hair cells transform sound energy into nerve impulses (5,2,5)
COCHLEASpiral tube that forms part of the internal ear and converts sound vibrations into nerve impulses
CHLORINEElement useful in Maintain osmotic balance of body fluids, transmission of nerve impulses (8)
DALEHenry Hallett -; physiologist who shared a Nobel Prize for discoveries relating to chemical transmission of nerve impulses (4)
ELLEN BURSTYNTO SONG“Vocalist piped in on impulse”

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