Prefix That Means Hundred Crossword


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H E C TPrefix meaning hundred
CENTIPrefix meaning “hundred”
HECTOMetric prefix meaning ‘ Hundred’
REDICommercial prefix meaning “convenient to use”
TERAComputer prefix meaning “trillion”
UBERContemporary prefix meaning “super”
FITZEnglish name prefix meaning “son”
MACName prefix meaning “son of”
TELEPrefix meaning “distant”
IDEOPrefix meaning “thought”
P I LPrefix meaning “hair”
IDIOPrefix meaning
NEOPrefix meaning “modified”
CENOPrefix meaning recent
TAURPrefix meaning “bull”
INTERPrefix meaning “reciprocal”
D E KPrefix meaning “ten”
ACETOPrefix meaning “vinegar”
HEMAPrefix meaning blood
C A C OPrefix meaning “bad”

Each clue consists of a word or phrase that is unique to a given square in the crossword, with the rest of the word unknown. Solvers might typically identify words from an outer square then guess from context or specific rules given from elsewhere within the crossword, then directly guess from the letters present, or use various outside resources that further provide clues.