How To Set different languages For Each of your Android Apps

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On an Android smartphone, the typical Android user downloads about 20-40 applications. If you’ve been using Android for a long time, you’re probably aware that the operating system was not designed with multilingual users in mind.

Let’s face it, we now all speak more than one language. When we establish a default system locale, however, every app on your phone utilizes the language of that area.

After that, any program we install utilizes the language of the default area. Another issue is that applications are often created in the developer’s original tongue, so even if you use a third-party app to alter the in-app language, it will be badly translated.

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Steps to Set different languages For Each of your Android Apps

To address these problems, we’re going to offer a simple technique for setting various languages for each of your Android applications. Let’s get this party started.

Using App Locale

App Locale is an Xposed plugin that enables users to customize language settings for individual apps. The Xposed framework must be installed on the device in order to set up and utilize this module. Here’s how to get started with App Locale.

Step 1: You must first root your Android smartphone, since the software we are about to describe only works on rooted Android devices. For more information, read our Root Any Android guide.

Step 2: Now that you’ve rooted your smartphone, go ahead and download and install the Xposed Installer software.

Step 3: Navigate to the Modules section of the Xposed Framework app. Now look for the phrase “App Locale.”

Step 4: Select “App Locale” from the drop-down menu. Then, on the Xposed app, look at the Installed modules tab. The App Locale app should be included in this section.

Step 5: After you’ve activated the app, you’ll need to restart your smartphone in order for the module to work.

Step 6: When you open the module, you’ll get a list of all the applications you’ve installed on your smartphone.

Step 7: Open any of the applications for which you wish to change the language, then use the app interface to pick the appropriate language from the list of choices and confirm your selection.

Step 8: Exit the App Locale and relaunch the app in the language you specified.

You will now be able to see the language changes inside your app, and any menu contents, as well as any basic text within the programme, will be shown in your chosen language.

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