Take Or Carry Too Far Crossword

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Take Or Carry Too Far Crossword in 6 Words: OVERDO

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OVERDOTake or carry too far (6)
EGER ISYou carry out or carry away or discharge
CONVEYTransport or carry to a place (6)
PORTEDCarried too much from Calais, going west (6)
OCCUPYTake or fill up space or time (6)
FERUNTThey bring or carry: portant
ASSUMETake or put on (6)
REGAINTo take or get back; to win back (6)
CAPIETShe will take, or grasp, or hunt down
ENTRAPTake or catch as if in a snare or trap.
DETAINTo take or seize (6)
CAMERAWith which to take or shoot without injuring (6)
ACCEPTTake or receive (6)
FLESHYPixie turned, unsure about carrying too much weight (6)
SOLVETHe’ll loosen, set free or acquit
BOTTOMContrary host carrying too much finds something to sit on (6)
SALOONWhere one might take or dodge shots
CHARGEWord after “take” or “cover”
STOLENSurreptitiously taken or lifted, even nicked initially (6)
INTENTWhere oxygen is taken, or absorbed (6)

Each clue consists of a word or phrase that is unique to a given square in the crossword, with the rest of the word unknown. Solvers might typically identify words from an outer square then guess from context or specific rules given from elsewhere within the crossword, then directly guess from the letters present, or use various outside resources that further provide clues.

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